baracoa .net - The very first settlements (Spanish) & capital of the island of Cuba was Baracoa.

baracoa .net baracoa .net baracoa .net baracoa .net
baracoa .net


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baracoa .net
baracoa .net
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The most beautiful landscapes in Cuba are found in Baracoa and anyone who thinks that is an exaggeration is invited to come and see them.

The palm is present in all the panoramas in extraordinary profusion and in an unequalled size.

The vegetation is exuberant, because the area is one of the wettest in the country and its abundant network of rivers means that the predominant colour in the region is green. Amongst the best-known rivers are the Yumuri, the Miel, the Macaguanigua, the Duaba and the Toa.

River Yumuri
Found to the west, about 30km along the road that connects us with the municipality of Maisi. On the way to the river one sees a rarity of nature (a coconut palm in a Y), the Paso de los Alemanes and at the end one may take a delightful boat ride in the mouth of the river, between gigantic headlands.

River Miel
This is about 4km from the city. It provided the setting for one of the most famous stories told in the town. It is said that during the nineteenth century, when the Haitian revolution provoked mass French immigration to the east of Cuba, a beautiful young French girl en route with her family for France fell in love with a young man from Baracoa. On the day in which the girl and her family were due to leave for Europe she met the young man at the River Miel and, as a consequence, missed the boat. This gave rise to the popular saying that those who come to Baracoa and swim in the river return to visit the town, but those who drink the water from the river make their homes here.

River Macaguanigua
In this is where the Admiral first came up against opposition from the natives. It is the area in which the most advanced Indians of those times were found, at any rate, the most advanced seen until that moment by the discoverers.

River Duaba
Found beside the road which joins Baracoa to the municipality of Moa. Here one may walk to the Yunque and take a delicious bath in the crystal-clear waterfall.

River Toa
This is the largest of Cuba’s rivers, where one can spend a relaxing day at Rancho Toa, eat a delicious lunch, swim and enjoy boat rides at the mouth of the river.


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My 5 Top Hotels in Cuba:
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baracoa .net - The very first settlements (Spanish) & capital of the island of Cuba was Baracoa.